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Last Update: 14 Dec 2017
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Miri Port Authority would like to engage the public in improving our service delivery. We appreciated public to participate in the public consultations posted by us. Your feedback will go directly to the departmental / unit concerned to improve service delivery for better and excellent customer experience. 


This is official Miri Port Authority website, our feedback platform to provide channel for public share feedback with our agency. We gather public feedback to enhance our customer services quality from time to time with direct input from the public to engage citizens and promote active citizens. 

The Authority,  however,  has full right to ban/delete any material or comments which violates any of the terms of the TOU including but not limited to comments that:

  • Undermine or abuse beliefs
  • Promote discrimination
  • Promotes illegal activity.
  • Violate any legal or intellectual property rights
  • Involve a threat to security
  • Infringe the privacy of others
  • Contains profane language.
  • Violate applicable laws, regulations and policies. 
  • Out of context or irrelevant.

We wish our customer to participate and help us gather information by fill Customer Feedback Form. Customer Feedback Form also available for download by go to Download > Customer > Customer Feedback Form. Your corporation is highly appreciated. Thank you.


Description Period
Opinion Survey 2017

This online survey conducted to determine which channel that the public preferred to reach Miri Port Authority.

Current Result

05 April 2017
31 December 2017

(Status: Open)

Description Period
Opinion Survey 2016

This online survey conducted to determine whether the public aware about general knowledge of Miri Port Authority specifically the location of Miri Port Authority. 

Respondent Result

17 May 2016
31 December 2016

(Status: Closed)

Description Period
Customer Feedback Form 2015

This feedback was carried up to get input on customer satisfaction level for overall performances of Miri Port Authority for the year of 2015

Respondent Result

17 August 2015
18 September 2015

(Status: Closed)